I am not a designer :)

TL;DR – Using default theme as didn’t want to use svbtle theme as originally planned after finding the svbtle magazine.

In my welcome post I explained why I am using WordPress, I now want to explain why my site uses the default WordPress theme. I bet your thinking wow that’s unoriginal, how lazy.

Firstly as my title says – I am NOT a designer, however that said I never intended to use the default theme. In fact I never intended to use WordPress as my welcome post says.

The choice to use WordPress was based on me seeing a theme which I thought was very cool. I saw the wp-svbtle theme in use on another developers castillo hinchable site and after a discussion on twitter about it decided that I also wanted to use it, but that I would tweak the colours a bit.

To get me started I played around on his site using Chrome dev tools to locally edit the colours and personalise the theme to be my own. A day later I decided to show this to someone else who immediately pointed out the svbtle magazine. [If its ok to credit you for this please just let me know :)]

I decided the best way to deal with this was to do some research into where the design came from, and make a decision of it to use it after that.

My research initially brought up details of both the original svbtle creator, and the wordpress version of it. It also brought up various discussion threads about how the two came about and the tension between the products.

I set about installing WordPress, the theme and svbtle plugin so that I could get some content written for the site as this in itself was something to write about. (This post!)

I decided that I wouldn’t use the svbtle theme, but that I would instead send a screenshot of my colour changes to the original creator and ask his opinion on it. If he writes back and thinks it is too similar still and can be misconstrued then I will not use the theme. The last thing I would want is to wrongly portray that I am part of something which I am not.

The reason I have not just chosen a different theme in the meantime is after a conversation with @dxcrewe I have come to the conclusion – what is an original design? This is something I think I will look at at a later date.

As the svbtle theme and wordpress were only a temporary solution anyway, I am unsure as to what will come, but for now I just wanted a place to publicly write my thoughts.

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