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Today I got access to the mailbox app, anyone who follows me on twitter will realise I managed to signup fairly early and was at approximately position 250k, rather than being closer to 750k as it is now.

I got the infamous push notification alerting me that my mailbox was ready at about 5pm, unfortunately I haven’t had chance to play with it properly yet as I was hosting Tech Basin Beers (@TechBasinBeers).

[Shoutout to @KashFlow for partnering with us for tonights #BasinBeers :) ]

Anyway back to Mailbox… I will have more of a play with this over the weekend and write another post but my first two things I have on my mind are:

  1. Will mailbox force me to reply from my gmail account, or will it allow me to use one of the many other addresses I have in my gmail account. By default my gmail account will reply from the address the email was sent to – does mailbox respect that?
  2. The long and short swipes are something that are going to take a little getting used to. By default my “usual” swipe appears to hinchable be accepted as a short swipe, this means for me that the ui decision to have this as done is a good one. Whereas deleting an email requires more thought as I have to consciously hold the swipe to turn it to a delete – again I think a good UI decision.

It’s late and I only just got this in on time to be classed as today, so I shall finish up for now. Thanks for now mailbox :)

A third point just came to me. Where are all my emails from other folders?

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